What Is Tarot?

Tarot presents an interesting, and often inaccurate, image for most people. Say “Tarot,” and most people immediately picture a gypsy fortuneteller predicting either happy marriage or a dire destiny. Some people may remember Jane Seymour’s character in “Live and Let Die” using Tarot cards to forecast the fate of James Bond and other characters. Some people may even have had a card reading at a renaissance fair or street festival, from someone who probably looked a lot like the gypsy of the popular imagination. (There aren’t that many Tarot readers who look like a very young Jane Seymour.)

Tarot is not fortunetelling. A Tarot reading does not predict the future. An ethical reader will not tell you that you will definitely meet the person of your dreams at the grocery store in two weeks, or that you will inherit a fortune from a long-lost relative in six months.

Tarot is a tool to examine questions in your life. You and the reader explore the images on the cards to see if they might have some significance in your life and your situation. A Tarot reading is an opportunity to sit still for a few minutes and examine some part of your life where you’re thinking about making changes, or where changes are happening, and you want to gain some clarity and perspective.

A Tarot reading won’t tell you what to do – that you should or should not move, or change jobs, or break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend. A Tarot reading will give you fresh insight into your situation and your behavior, and may inspire you to think of creative actions to take or help you become aware of choices you hadn’t thought of previously.

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